You Tube Channel For Sale Vikarabad = 1,500/-

Everyone wants traffic to their site and most are at a loss to know how to get that traffic. I am sure you have tried all the free sites where you have to click on others sites to get clicks to yours, I tried them long ago, I stayed on a site approximately 5 seconds, just long enough for me to get the credit for it and don’t you think that is what the rest of the people on there are doing also?

Then there are the sites that sell traffic, come on now how much of that do you think is legit? My guess is none of it. I have heard of no one getting a sale or a customer through that channel.

What about You Tube? This is a great traffic generator. The best part is, its free as long as you have a web cam and if you don’t you can pick one up for under $20 at an electronic store. Make videos on the same subject of the site you are generating traffic for. Example, I have a design site for business cards, flyers, etc… my videos are on this subject. Place a link in your description box on You Tube and you will be surprised at the traffic you get from there. Make sure the video has great content, just as you would an article, which is also a great way to drive traffic. Make it unique, you always want to stand out from the rest. I am working on a video now that is very unique and can’t wait to finish it and get it on You Tube.

So if you believe you have to have money or spend countless hours clicking through others sites on traffic sites you couldn’t be more wrong. We have You Tube and many places to submit free articles on the internet today. People search for information constantly and they are searching for yours as well as others. I put up a video last week and it has already been viewed over 5 thousand times.