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Men are possessive. They may leave their ex for reasons of incompatibility, infidelity or simply lack of sexual zing but show them that you are doing well without them and their bloated egos come into the picture. While this does not mean that they will automatically come back but this surely means that you have a chance….

Post your videos on You Tube- just become part of a social networking group and float yourself as single. They would subconsciously be cross at you but at the same time they would feel really jealous. Men do not like the fact that woman can so quickly pick the pieces and get on with their amorous selves. Float your pics on You Tube. This way you will give an impression that you are available to all the gentlemen. It really sucks him in.

Get into the arms of his friend- choose a friend of his who is no more close to him. Confide the situation to him and then fake flirtation. The news will reach your ex sooner or later. This will make the envy juices flow at double pace inside his body. He would instantly know that his desire and possessiveness for you have not ended and there is a way ahead for both of you. Once he explains this to himself, he will surely be your man again.

In bar with strangers- make all those svelte moves and get in your most voluptuous attire. Frequent the bars that you know he frequents. Very soon, it will be that both of you are at the same venue and he peeks at you with a stranger. The strangers’ ogling eyes is a confirmation that your ex is still possessive about you. This way you will get his attention and a lot of that to be precise.