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You can make money from YouTube in a number of ways. Read on to find out more…

1. YouTube Partners Program
This program offers members the opportunity to make money through revenue sharing. The rules for joining the program are very strict and it’s geared towards creators of numerous and frequent videos that command hundreds of thousands, even millions, of views. If you’re already in that high-popularity category, then it’s worth your while joining the Partners Program but if you’re new to YouTube, it will take a great deal of time and commitment before you’ll be eligible. But at least knowing that this program exists, answers your question ‘can you make money off YouTube?’ right off the bat!

2. Upload YouTube videos to your Blog
You can upload YouTube videos to your blog and use Google’s AdSense program to generate advertising revenue. You don’t need any coding experience at all to build your own free blog. Blogs allow you to embed videos, from YouTube or elsewhere, directly into your blog page. Once you’ve joined Google’s AdSense program, adverts will be automatically generated on your pages and the more people who click those ads, the more money you will receive.

3. Donations
If you feel that your YouTube video content is worthy of a donation, you can set up a donation button via PayPal. You simply copy and paste the donation link into your blog so when people view your embedded videos they’ll hopefully be feeling generous and donate! Can you make money off YouTube donations? Well, perhaps not a huge amount at first but, again, it’s all about building up a reputation and increasing your audience.

4.Show off your Creativity
If you’re the creative type, perhaps you should put your skills to good use and make your own items that you can sell through eBay. Just a few examples of products that sell are: computer software, sweaters, paintings, arts and crafts and jewelry. You can then create videos to advertise and promote your products and post these videos on YouTube to reach a larger market.

5. Sponsorship
Depending on the type of videos you create, there’s a possibility that you’ll be able to include items in the videos that manufacturers and retailers would like to promote. For example, if you’re an artist who paints pictures in videos or showcases your paintings in videos; you could promote a certain brand of easel. If music is your passion, contact a local music store and ask them if they’d be interested in providing you with instruments (or even guitar straps, effects pedals and drum sticks) which you would promote in your videos. In time, when you have built up a big following, your aim would be to get stores to pay you cash to promote their products. It is, after all, an effective advertising tool for them.

Do some of these ideas seem farfetched? Well if you have seen some of the videos on You Tube that have gone viral then you would have to agree that there may be an endless number of ways to answer the question- Can you make money off YouTube? And each of those answers would say- of course you can make money off YouTube.