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If you are trying to create a presence on the internet these days, there is no better way than by using personal web video. Branding yourself or branding your product could not be easier and a personal web video is the easy way to do so. Personal and professional web videos sit side by side on the web these days, in many cases with equal impact.

It used to be that all web video was slow and jumpy. Then, thanks to Flash, this has changed, now streaming video runs smoothly and uninterrupted. It also used to be that only way to get your video onto your site was to run it through the likes of YouTube or similar sites. This is not the most desirable way to showcase your personal web video since it is so easy for your hard earned traffic to make a break for it since YouTube can entice them to leave.

Thankfully internet marketers and video hobbyists alike are breathing a sigh of relief now that it is possible to create wonderful, eye catching and professional personal web video without the YouTube crutch to aid them.

Personal web video can be embedded in e-newsletters, and business emails. They can be placed on websites, blogs and make great back links since the information takes little to no effort to consume. If your goal is to find, get and keep customers, then you will find that you need to keep the personal web video coming!

Creating personal web video may sound daunting and insurmountable but indeed it has become very user friendly and fun to do. There is no need for expensive video camera and lights. Using most any digital video camera will produce adequate results for your needs.

software will allow you to quickly edit, choose a template and publish your video to the web. Where creating personal web video once took months and months, it can now be done in a matter of hours, and these are videos with catchy music, interesting transitions and written titles. What was once reserved only for the pros is now, thankfully, accessible to all.

So, do not shy away from the thought of personal web video. Simply choose some software, determine what you would like to say, and shoot and create your own personal web video. You will not be disappointed with the results of your efforts.