You Tube Channel For Sale Sircilla = 1,500/-

I like some of the shows and videos I see on the Net. They are cleaver and express some pretty cool ideas. Made with nonexistent money, ingenuity, no boundaries except the technique used and the vision to get it made. Sounds like a good definition of an Artist.

OK, but what about that post-your-own-video/everyone-is-a-TV channel phenomenon? Is that artistic expression, and its author an artist or at the very least one in the making? It must have meaning and value right, because we as the audience react and as a Social Community give it recognition: therefore, it is Art. Since Art is continuously judged by its relative place in culture and we are very much a video/podcast/webcast culture, well I guess the answer is a Yes, but!

Is this breed of “Video Venture Artists” the genesis of an emerging “21st century Art Nouveau” species defined by: ”throw enough virtual stuff at the wall, something is bound to stick and maybe we become famous and make money”? Will the Net’s promise of democratization become pure commoditization thanks in part to this band of laissez-faire proto-capitalists in the making? Perhaps so if Life is to imitate Art and maybe this debate is just meaningless digital spluttering (I’ll be the first to admit it is, but boy is it fun). Let the Wisdom of the Audience decide and balance the landscape; besides the worse than could possibly happen is that these artists contribute to improving the medium and just maybe reduce the cost of producing content. Now that’s bound to make the struggling Artist and The Suits happy.

It also makes me think about the 7th Art – Film and by deflection TV: that also depends on the perspective of the moment (and those who control it). Slasher Movies, Realty Shows and the ever pervasive much much more – Art? (There are also some real cinematic gems in between). Well, I guess it’s like Fashion: “a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months” as Oscar Wilde said. Fortunately, fashions fade but Style is eternal. I got scared there for a moment; no need to worry about the 7th Art.

Hum… It got me thinking; so if I make videos that get traction, I could be making Art… become famous, make lots of money and sell to Google, Apple or any of the other networks in the making out there! Hey, anything is possible since the world’s mine oyster, which I with video will open. Darn! I could even run for President but I think it’s too late for this election, I am going to have to wait for 2016.