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Writing articles for the on line marketing people opens up a wealth of untapped opportunity. There are millions of articles about thousands of topics, but the good thing is that it’s an infinite market place, so more than plenty of room for everyone. Product funnels, finding your audience, niche experts are amongst the best things about which you can write.

4 of the best items you can write articles for in the Internet marketing niche:

1.Product funnels. Products funnels are all about creating a mechanism from which you can market your products to a highly defined audience by creating products of increasing value to offer your clients. The increasing value represents the depth of increasing information contained within each consecutive product in a particular line of information.

2.Finding an audience. Your audience is all over the Internet. What you have to do is discover where the are. Forums are the most common place, and sites like “You Tube” and Twitter too. Article marketing draws niche-sensitive readers by in their thousands.

3.Experts. The experts in your niche are the ones to whose lists you should opt-in. Experts are the girls and guys whose business models you can duplicate. Simply put, if you duplicate their models, there’s no reason for not being able to duplicate their success – if you’re prepared to apply their techniques and work as hard as they do

4.Leverage. Leverage is important to apply if you want to grow our business. Leverage is the mechanism whereby you can earn more money selling to less clients – by the virtue of creating high-end products. In other words it’s the differential between 100 products for $37, in comparison with 5 products sold for $5997. With high-end products you’ll be covering your niche in a lot more depth, but the effort is similar in terms of effort.