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Would you like to absolutely 100% steal top video keywords & get thousands of targeted people to your videos on YouTube? Good. Here are a couple of legal ways to steal some killer keywords in a flash!

Tip 1.

Go to YouTube, in the search bar within YouTube, type in a word connected to your niche. Lets’ say you want to be a big player in video (lol – no pun intended). Let’s key in the words “video marketing.” Now, can you see what happens when you do this, other phrases start to appear in the drop down search box as you are typing, telling you what other people have actually been keying in too. You can now use these as some of your keywords as people have already been typing in these words to find videos.

Just by us typing in Video Marketing, the little drop down list in the search facility is now showing these keywords too:

Video Marketing Tips
Video Marketing Tutorial
Video Marketing Secrets


Tip 2.

This time we are going to look for videos in our niche on YouTube, that have thousands of views. Of particular interest are top videos by top players in that particular niche, that have got thousands of views in a fairly short period of time.

My reasoning is here, if someone has become a top player in that field, you would expect them to know a thing or two about keywords.

Now in this case, as my own niche is internet marketing, I am going to go to YouTube and look up chris farrell, as he knows a thing or two about internet marketing. Now, it needn’t be Chris, any well known internet marketer would do.

I’ve chosen the video entitled Chris Farrell – making money online. Now the reason I have gone for this is because, although he is not strictly referring to internet marketing in this video. It has quite a fair amount of views for the time it has been online. Just over 2 months online and over 3,300 views.

So how do we find some KILLER Keywords?

Well, first off – the title. Making money online is certainly one we can use and may have contributed to the video’s popularity. But what we are going to do here is check to see what tags Vhris has been using.

Once the video is open and starts to play, just stop it from playing.

Underneath the video, to the top right, you will see a little button to the left of the view count. It looks like two arrows, one on top of the other pointing up.

Give this a click, you can now clearly see at the bottom of the list – TAGS… underneath are 3 tags that Chris has used for this video.

Make Money Online
Work From home
Web Business

Now you need never run out of good keywords, ever again. Just follow successful people and MODEL what they do.