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There are so many ways you can compel online users into your online business, and once they have joined you, the task you have is to keep them. To make sure they’ll stay with you and not be tempted off to competitor’s sites instead, you need to offer an enticing range of products through which to convey the answer they need that’ll help them make progress in their niche.

3 enticing ways to package the products you create for your online business are as follows:

E-books. You cannot too far wrong with e-books. They’re recognised as one of the most convenient ways to carry your message and advice to your target niche market. They’re easily and instantly downloadable, simple and convenient to store anywhere on your computer or laptop, and can be printed off as one pleases. PDF E-books accommodate the added advantage of being edit-proof, in comparison with a word-processed document, and you can simply print a word or similarly written document to a .pdf file to create your E-book. There’s a variety of e-book creators online too if you wish to go into coding and more editing features.

Audio products. Audio is another way to carry versatility into your product delivery. In terms of providing information, you can record transcripts of your phone-ins with your online business members, record an interview with another expert, or one of your members grilling you with niche-focused questions. If you’re building an opt-in list, it’s an enticing alternative to offer an introductory audio on your squeeze page, or upload an audio to an online video platform such as You Tube. These are just a few of the possibilities, to get your ideas flowing.

CD Sets. These can more often than not, carry a higher value than e-books, mostly because their purchasers like to have a tangible product; something they can “have and hold”.