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New years resolutions? Write tons of articles! There are a zillion subjects at hand, poetry scams, 101 love positions, in loving memory verses, grim reaper drawings, the list is endless! So why would I spend my time on one of these new My Space but make money sites?

My Space and beyond? You Tube inserts saying whatever strikes our fancy? What if we could do those things and make money for ourselves in the process of having that much fun? Is it possible? I am just not all that convinced. I want to bring to light a conclusion I have been realizing, about all these sites going up, that are like My Space. The ones that tout they are just like My Space except you make money on them.

I joined one, irrelevant which one really. The biggest thing I finally realized? Their ‘content’ or ‘text’ on most of the participants blogs is about referral programs; how to get people to add you as a friend and stuff like that. It is very one dimensional.

Yet what drives the internet? Content! Content on a ‘variety’ of subjects.

So what does my time spent on these My Space type sites get me in regards to my own website? Little.

I write articles on subjects I would not have imagined I ever would, grim reaper drawings, pixie fairies, and I am planning a 101 love positions article (well maybe anyway, lol). I am an artist but I am also a person with a certain history to share. I adore the fact that I can write on any subject I find compelling and that effort will also cause me to prosper. I prosper by bringing people to my own site, my own store so to speak. Why advertise for someone else?

So this year, along with fulfilling my goal of meeting 250 articles and post them on I am also going to drop the stupid stuff! Why continue to boost someone else when I can boost myself? (I think I have made .40 cents so far with a zillion hours of my precious time spent.. gads!!)

I am going to continue to update my My Space and still have fun with You Tube, but I am going to concentrate on what is most important in meeting my goal of improving my SEO. Remember, there are soo many subjects at hand, poetry scams, 101 love positions, in loving memory verses, grim reaper drawings, just decide what you might contribute and start writing.