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Blame cable and satellite and your local video stores all you like.

But the simple fact is that there are thousands of movies available for immediate viewing, but possibly one tenth of one percent are worth watching.

Around New Years Eve I’ll celebrate one year without cable or satellite TV. I unplugged, went to the 99 Cent Store and bought a pair of rabbit ears, that enable me to get about twenty-five stations on FV, Fuzz Vision, for free.

I vented my spleen again by swearing off my local video store which dinged me for late fees.

Like one so vulnerable to disappointment that he thought he’d never love again, I was surprisingly swept off my feet by Netflix. With this partner I figured I could relive all of my best cinematic moments from the past.

I could check out “Being There” with Peter Sellers, “Fahrenheit 451” with Julie Christie and a ton of obscure Alec Guinness flicks. It would be like having an ongoing film festival for a fraction of what cable and satellite fraudulently refer to as “America’s Top 250” channels.

My bliss with Netflix lasted about six months.

Not only did I find there aren’t enough new movies to rent, but I’ve gone through most of the best films from the last 85 years.

No wonder movie studios are trying to cheapskate and strong-arm genuine stars like Tom Cruise. They simply don’t know how to make a buck and consistently put out a product that people will happily stand in line or sit on their couches to see.

Check out the web site,, and you’ll see more interesting fare in fifteen minutes than you’ve seen on the Silver Screen or on TV in the last year.

In fact, search exactly for what you want, from dumb pet tricks to bodybuilding babes.

It’s all there, and a lot of the direction and “acting” are first rate.

Moreover, it’s a real joy is to see the satires that lampoon conventional TV and movies. These are also more creative, as a general rule, than anything on America’s Top 250.

The marketplace can be cruel to those who insult the sensibilities of buyers, as conventional media producers are finding.

Just because radio, TV, cable, and satellite didn’t kill the motion picture business, it doesn’t mean the Internet won’t.

Now THIS is something to stay tuned for!

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