What’s the Impact of Website Design on Your Business?

You probably ask yourself why do you need help in updating your existing company website. Your present site may look obsolete in contrast to the competition, but do you really need a new one? Even if you are reluctant, you look for a design firm to transform your website, but are not totally sure if a new design will improve your business.

In spite of your doubts, several studies prove that a well-designed website will produce better quality customer traffic, and improving your user interface will boost conversion, creating a new business at an increasingly fast rate. However, how will this happen? How can something as shallow as a company website design influence a business’ success? There are more than enough reasons why a properly designed website will draw ideal customers and encourage them to engage with your company. The 3 main components that a web designer should consider in designing a website are as follows:


Navigation is probably the most essential part of a website. It can lead to the success or failure of a site, and this is especially true with regard to websites that have several pages. Generally, the navigation of websites comes with a navigation bar or labels that distinguish each page of a website. Good navigation makes it easy to search and understand, as well as move around all through the whole website. At times, when web designers work on navigation, they go over the top with their designs and elaborate lettering. Most of the time, overly simple navigation makes it a lot easier for a wide variety of customers.

Brand Consistency

If a logo represents your company and is frequently used in a several different print ads – such as letterheads, pamphlets and business cards, among others – this logo/brand and its imagery, colors plus messaging that was used in print must also be used in designing your web.

It is crucial that your brand to be recognized by customers in every form of communication to associate your brand and ideals with your business. Most often than not, customers can feel uneasy when there are changes in the brand’s logo, colors and imagery, and associate your company with negative things.


It is very important to win the trust and confidence of your customers, and you can do this by learning more about them and the things they value. Marketing strategies let you engage with prospective customers and know more about their needs. When you strengthen communication with them, you can also apply in your new design what would give them a positive view.

When your website looks more welcoming and reputable to users, your website will see a considerable boost in traffic and improved business leads by means of website conversion.

Web Designing

Present with Increase internet usage and availability of new customers online, all kind of Business are planning their website.


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7 Questions To Ask Your Website Designer Before You Hire Them

Choosing a website designer often seems to be fraught and overly complicated. But a bit like a motor car, there is a lot more going on with a website than meets the eye. Use this checklist to narrow down your website designer choice to make sure that you get a good, functional, website design that meets or exceeds your expectations.

1. Check their portfolio

This is the designer’s shop window and should show a range of different sites they have designed.

Make sure that the sites they show are still online – if the sites are no longer in existence, the portfolio isn’t up to date.

If they show thumbnails, check that the actual site looks like the thumbnail. If it doesn’t, that’s a possible sign that the new design hasn’t been used.

2. Do they use WordPress?

Whilst some website designers will sigh at you asking that question, it’s still a good one to ask.

Over 1 in every 5 new websites now use WordPress. And there’s safety in that number! It means that if your website designer disappears off the face of the earth or changes direction or you fall out with them, you’re not stuck.

If your site is shop based then your designer should suggest something such as ZenCart or Magento but otherwise, unless your needs are especially complicated, they should be using WordPress, the market leader.

3. Will pricing be transparent?

Even though WordPress is free that doesn’t mean that the designer’s time is free as well. That’s fair enough.

The extras that are included may or may not be chargeable. This includes the actual design of the site – if it’s a freely available template then your designer should be up front about this. Some less than scrupulous designers have been known to charge thousands for designs that they bought off the shelf for under £100. Make sure you’re not caught out!

4. Will the site be search engine optimised?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t a universal skill.

Whilst you shouldn’t necessarily expect your website designer to be fully conversant with all the latest tips and tricks, there are some SEO components that have been around since the internet was born.

Check that your website designer has at least a basic knowledge of SEO and that they will make sure that at least the page titles, page descriptions and headlines on your new website are tweaked accordingly.

If they write the website copy for you then that should be reasonably well SEO’d as well. If you provide the copy then make sure that they at least make suggestions if it’s not up to scratch.

5. How easy will it be for me to make changes?

You don’t want to be going back to your website designer every time you need to change a handful of words or prices.

WordPress is easy to use and your website designer should allow you to make changes or even add completely new pages without going back to them.

Of course, if that doesn’t appeal. then the offer of a maintenance package could well be your best option.

6. Who will own my domain name and where will my site be hosted?

It’s important that you are the owner of your domain name, not your designer.

Likewise, it’s good practice to host your site on the internet rather than use the shared package that your website designer may offer you.

You’ll almost certainly get a better standard of hosting, which is important for your site visitors, as well as being less reliant on someone who isn’t a specialist in the field. You need the peace of mind that if your website is unavailable, a specialist company will take care of you fast.

7. What happens if we fall out?

Whilst it’s unthinkable at the start of the website design process, it’s by no means unheard of for people to fall out with their website designers.

You should take care of this while you’re still on speaking terms! It’s a bit like a marriage pre-nup.

Check who will own the design, whether there will be any exit costs, what happens with any custom code, etc.

It’s much better to do this at the start.

Benefits of Using Website Designers

Creating, developing and launching a new website has so many different factors to consider, that often it can be one of the most daunting experiences for any business owner. Your website is the first impression your online customers have of your company and without meeting them in person, your website needs to speak volumes to convert them from potential customers to buying customers.

The first thing you will benefit from by using experienced website designers is that your site will promote professionalism, security and customer care. Clients will trust what they see and in turn, this will help you build trust as a company. A site needs to portray a reliable image to ensure your customers feel comfortable when buying your products or using your services.

Website designers know how to design a website so that it is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. SEO is more than simply keywords. Google takes numerous factors about your site into consideration and there are also a few things an experienced website designer will do to ensure your site is noticed by the search engines as and when needed. SEO also includes ease of navigation on your website along with loading speeds.

You can increase revenue by having a well designed and easy to use website. You will be unique, your site will be designed based on your audience and the products or services you provide. Your website designers will create something just for your company, rather than trying to get a free design to work for you and help you boost your revenue moving forward.

Professional image is imperative when it comes to your website design. Customers are relying on your website to give them the image that they expect from a top company. This means a professional image, a wealth of information, an easy to use website and fast loading pages. Buying online means that your client needs to feel confident when making a purchase and by showcasing a professional image with the help of your website designers, you can be assured your clients will feel confident and see you as a reputable and reliable company.

Your website is the first impression a customer will have of your company, your service and the products you provide. Where in most companies, the receptionist will be the first impression a client gets, when it’s online the first impression is your website. This is how it looks, how it works and security. When you are using a shared design that everyone can download and use, your design will be recognised and will not portray that professional image aimed directly at your customers, which could cost you a new customer in the long run.

You want to provide your customers with an enjoyable online experience and this is what you can achieve when working with the right website designers. The designers will learn about your business, your products and services and your clients. They will use this to design a site focused at catering to your particular audience. Helping you to build your brand visibility and give you the tools you need to achieve success online in a competitive global environment.

Ensure you choose a website designer specialist that you feel comfortable working with. They should have experience working with clients in your industry, they should have a portfolio of website that they have worked on so you can see what they can provide and they should be able to provide you with references, so you can use their services with complete confidence.

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