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If you’re not sure how to say thank you, or if you’re looking for a different way of saying thank you, check out my list of budget friendly thank you gifts ($5 or less!) perfect for teachers, volunteers, team moms, coaches, neighbors, friends & family!

1. Glass Bottle with M&M’s & a Daisy: This can be a simple glass bottle that you’ve recycled or for a few dollars you can buy a bottle with a pourer that can later be used as a dishsoap dispenser or an olive oil bottle.

2. Shamrock Plant: Include a sign that says “lucky to have you!” These also make nice gifts for volunteers!

3. Shamrock Charm: Add a note that says “lucky to have you!” Another perfect volunteer gift!

4. Jelly Watch: Add a note that says,” Thank You for your time!”

5. Box of Raisins: Add a note that says, “Thanks for raisin’ money for us!”

6. Sticky Notes: Add a note that says, “Stick with it, you’re the best!”

7. Hershey Kisses: Add a note that says, “Hugs & Kisses for all your hard work!”

8. Lifesavers: Add a note that says, “You’re a lifesaver – thanks!”

9. Candle: Add a note that says, “No one holds a candle to you!”

10. Chocolate Gold Coins: Perfect for the treasurer! Add a note that says, “You’re worth your weight in gold!”

11. Cupcakes: Add a note that says, “You take the cake – thanks!” You Take the Cake would also make a wonderful theme for a volunteer appreciation gathering – simply serve cupcakes and maybe show your thank you video!

12. Pot Luck Lunch: No budget? Why don’t you host a pot luck lunch for your volunteers?

13. Top 10 Reasons: Ask the faculty & staff why they love the school volunteers. You’ll likely get some serious & humorous responses! Compile them into a Top 10 list to present a your volunteer appreciation gathering.

14. Thank You Video: Think You Tube! Be creative, be goofy & have fun! What a memorable & free way to say thank you to all your volunteers or coaches. Play the video during your end of year gathering!

15. Quotes: It’s amazing how many wonderful quotes there are about volunteering, teachers, coaches, friends and neighbors! Use a copier and put together a small booklet of quotes or use inexpensive frames for each quote and give as gifts.

16. Written Thank You Note or Poem: Very personal, very thoughtful! A great “prompt” to get you started is picking a character trait of the person! If you’re feeling witty, try your hand at a poem! Even better, get your child to write it! I used to give elementary school teachers a thank you poem in a picture frame each year! Example of a teacher appreciation poem:

In the dog days of August, you returned to school,
and greeted your students looking so cool!

On the first day of class, we could certainly see…
Mrs. Hartman’s fifth grade was the place to be!

Reading & writing, banking & more…
you certainly helped Christopher soar!

Now the school year is over, so kick up your feet
because you are the teacher that can’t be beat!

17. Rubber Stamps: Make personalized napkins or notecards with rubber stamps. Tie them with a ribbon.

18. Sweets: Do you bake a cake or dessert that everybody loves? Make this your “signature” dessert and bake it for birthdays or thank you gifts!

19. Box Lunch: e-mail your child’s teacher today, and let them know you’re bringing them a box lunch on ________. Now…find a pretty box or gift bag, make a special sandwich, bake some cookies, and add chips, fruit & a drink! What a treat!

20. Casserole: Don’t under estimate the power of a homemade casserole especially for a teacher or a working mom!