Link Building – SEO Services Anantapur = 1,500/-

Seriously, just stop it. You are wasting your money and I don’t like when you do that! Pretty sure I just made some people mad, but that’s the way it goes. Can’t please everyone.

Why Link Building e-Books Suck

Yep there it is, I said it. Look, you need to realize that we are not out here to reinvent the wheel. The basics behind link building have not changed.

Link building books suck because it’s all regurgitated information. Why do you think I give you FREE tips? They are free because they are the basics of how to build links and I didn’t create some alternate fantasy link world with a magic formula. There is no such thing.


It’s simple really. Basic link building involves the following:

Write great content – people will naturally link to it.
Blog commenting – builds relationships and backlinks to your blog
Submit to directories
Social media involvement
Forum commenting
Article marketing
Network profiles
Guest Posts
I know there are a ton more,but this about covers the general ideas. So what are the new books on link building going to tell me? Nothing. It’s another lame attempt at milking beginners for money. And at one time, I was one of those getting milked…(uhm, disregard that!)

Now there are subtle differences in how one goes about the process. Some people email blog owners directly and inform them of their content and hope to get linked back to. Some outsource, some let it happen naturally. Whatever, the method, the principles remain the same.

Products I don’t have some massive list of good or bad products to insert here. But what I do have are some damn good free resources for link building. The following articles are where you should be getting your link building tips and NOT paying somebody to send you a rehashed wishing well of crap.

Now To Make Product Creators Mad

I am telling you flat not buy link building books anymore! The ONLY time I think it’s okay to buy one is if it’s been around awhile and has an “updated” notation. So, a book from 2007 will show “recently updated 2010.”

That holds some water with me. See, I received an email this morning telling me,

” you have just got to see it to believe it! Master link building in 2 days and learn the secrets to profits.”
Oh yea? I already know the secret to profits- hard work. I already know the masters – listed above. So, thanks but no thanks.

My first response was, are you serious? Who are you trying to scam here? You don’t have any damn secrets and if you did, your site that you sent me to would have more than 2 links. BOOYAH!

What really amazes me is that with all the tools out there to analyze links within websites, people are still claiming to be gurus. I mean really people, we can find all this out on our own. We’re intelligent people and that;s why we’re not buying your crappy book. 🙂

Also I would like to add here, I am not against purchasing link building services. If you find a reputable company to do your link building for you, then so be it. I’m down with that. The Bottom Line Now, some of you may ask, “well Lisa, if you’re so smart..what book DO you recommend?” I’m saving that for another post… 🙂 And the reason for that is that I think it deserves to be in it’s own post and not included in the “lousy internet marketing products” post.

And really because that’s how I want to do it. Remember, my blog, my rules. Now, your turn.

Have you purchased a link building book or many? Did they all same the same thing? Were any worth your money? If you feel the power and a “share this article” dance comes over you, I’m

totally okay with that.

As many of you may know, I am opposed to the outright buying of links. I am against buying links, largely because I think it can do far more harm than good. However, isn’t paying someone to call related, great quality websites to inquire about getting a link really the same as buying a link? Some would argue that it is. Many would argue that it is not.

I recently had an e-mail and subsequent phone call from a major real estate web business whose name you’d recognize inquiring about my websites linking to them and their service. Ultimately, we ended up not getting together on the deal, but couldn’t you hire someone to do outbound telemarketing for you to get links to your site where pay was based on the success rate?

If, by going to a link broker, you were paying even $50 per month to get a link to your website, might it be worth hiring a college student to smile and dial for links for you? I think it might be worth it especially if you factor in that the cost to pay a college student would be a one-time expense and not a monthly fee like most link brokers charge.

So, if you want to reduce the risk of getting in trouble for buying links from a not so reputable list broker, consider doing link requests the old fashioned way: with a telephone call and e-mail. But, instead of doing it yourself, pay someone else to do it for you.

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