Introduction and Overview

• Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
• Level Setting – Terminology
• Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly
• The Tableau Product Line
• Things you should know about Tableau

Getting Started

• Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concept
• Working with data files versus database server
• Understanding the Tableau workspace
• Dimensions and Measures
• Using Show Me!
• Tour of Shelves (How shelves and marks work)
• Building Basic Views
• Help Menu and Samples
• Saving and sharing your work
• Creating Views
• Marks
• Size and Transparency
• Highlighting
• Working with Dates
• Date aggregations and date parts
• Discrete versus Continuous
• Dual Axis / Multiple Measures
• Combo Charts with different mark types
• Geographic Map Page Trails
• Heat Map
• Density Chart
• Scatter Plots
• Pie Charts and Bar Charts
• Small Multiples
• Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data
• Analyzing
• Sorting & Grouping
• Aliases
• Filtering and Quick Filters
• Cross-Tabs (Pivot Tables)
• Totals and Subtotals Drilling and Drill Through
• Aggregation and Disaggregation
• Percent of Total
• Working with Statistics and Trend lines
• Data Interpreter
• Different Chart Types

Getting Started with Calculated Fields

• Working with String Functions
• Basic Arithmetic Calculations
• Date Math
• Working with Totals
• Custom Aggregations
• Logic Statements


• Options in Formatting your Visualization
• Working with Labels and Annotations
• Effective Use of Titles and Captions
• Introduction to Visual Best Practices

Building Interactive Dashboard

• Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard
• Making your worksheet interactive by using actions and filters
• An Introduction to Best Practices in Visualization

Sharing Workbooks

• Publish to Reader
• Packaged Workbooks
• Publish to Office
• Publish to PDF
• Publish to Tableau Server and Sharing over the Web


• OverView of Server or Online.
• Projects, Workbooks
• Permissions
• Sharing

What will Participants Learn?

Edureka’s Tableau Certification Training Course is designed to help you become a successful Tableau Professional. During this course, our expert instructors will train you to- Gain an understanding on how data can be transformed by cleaning, splitting, pivoting, and merging techniques.
Understand how to establish connection with data and perform various data preparation steps for visualizing it. Discover new ways of analysing data, through various features in-built within Tableau. Create personalized, dynamic visualizations through parameters. Develop interactive dashboards using actions. Explore good design practices for dashboards.
Learn to publish and share dashboards and manage permissions to your published data. Get an extensive hands-on expertise on various tips and tricks with Tableau.

Who should take this training?

The Business Intelligence market is growing significantly across the world and such strong growth pattern followed by market demand is a great opportunity for the following IT Professionals.
Business Analysts
Data Analysts
Project Managers
Data Scientists
Statisticians and Analysts
Business Intelligence Managers

How will Tableau Training help your career?

Tableau is emerging as one of the hottest trends in the Business Intelligence market. The Data Visualization tool has been gaining popularity in various companies and hence, the demand for Tableau experts in on the surge. We at Edureka offer the best Tableau training with 12K+ satisfied learners.

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

There are no pre-requisites as such for this course. However, prior knowledge of R language and basic concepts related to Data analytics and SQL will be helpful. To refresh your skills, you will get the following self-paced modules as pre-requisites in your LMS.
R Programming
SQL Essentials

What Should You Do After You’ve Completed a Tableau Training Program?

You’ve got through the Fundamentals course on desktop handling. Maybe you had done it in a classroom, or maybe you had done it via an interactive online program. Now you possibly will be thinking what your next step should be. You could also be thinking how to preserve the skills that you’ve learned and how to get better.

The place that you should head for is a facility offering a Tableau training program. The Tableau consultants of a facility for Tableau training come from numerous backdrops and have various skills. The training squad of such a facility has much experience in taking Tableau students and making them experts. Following the completion of training, your goal is to gain complete Tableau mastery. But what should you do for this? begin Playing All the skills that you learn while in the classroom that you never make practical use of will rapidly die away and thus you must start using your schooling straight away. Even if you do not have set sources of data, or you have not set a specific target, just commence playing in Tableau. Try Experimenting and try out innovative things. Locate data sources online and place the concepts and theories you had learned while going your Desktop class. Implement the Fundamentals till they become your second nature.

Try to find additional dashboards and make an attempt at reproducing them. Request spreadsheets from your associates and try making them more dynamic and efficient by trying diverse forms of charts and presentations. More you put into Tableau the better you’ll be. Turn into an Evangelist The proverb that the finest way of learning something is by teaching it is entirely right. Repetition is a key factor in excelling. Practice lead to perfection. On the completion of a phase of your Tableau training program, a post of a Tableau evangelist in a company will help you reinforce the knowledge you have gathered during your training.

Among the most suggested Tableau Drive tactics for developing user adoption and altering the corporate customs to one that gives precedence to analytics is the holding of “office hours.” Such hours are an open door plan for the home Tableau professionals to take queries of newer users, evaluate dashboards and give advice. The finest part of such hours is that users can ask questions that you are unable to answer, and your attempt to find some information will reinforce the set of skills that you have. The society Tableau Software that lets business users stay in control of analytics is a worldwide phenomenon now. Consequently, Tableau is used by a lot of avid users in the industry.

Having gained knowledge of the fundamentals of Tableau, you must become a part of the online society. A grand way to keep on building proficiency and learning is by making personal associations with those who are veterans in the subject matter. You will be quite surprised at how liberal knowledgeable users are in providing help and proposals for hard-hitting questions.

Essential Benefits of Joining the Tableau Online Training

Big data is refurbishing the contemporary technology. Data is the most esteemed asset for each and every small or big business globally. There is several developed quality software, which can quickly help in tackling large quantities of data. Handling bulk of data professionally along with the assistance of software is precisely called big data analytics. Lots of students are there who is quite ambitious towards their career always opt for some great opportunity. So, apart from everything, you can go ahead for some useful and efficient desktop handling course. In addition, Tableau is one such software, which makes it quite easier for anybody to do the job more professionally.

Why use this specific professional course?

This certain software incorporates numerous advanced aspects to produce an improved user experience. It easily connects a lot of servers to create it absolutely easier for each and every user to acquire more databases in an occurrence. The Tableau Online Training includes some of the analytical built in features, and along with the progression and development, it delivers leading as well as most effective big data tools. This is quite effective software, which directly makes essential changes without any kind of interference from users. It’s modified for the end users so that every user can make specific and necessary changes. A particular online platform of this software is well-matched along with the various devices, and one can make essential changes as well as edits directly from the dashboard without getting any certain involvement in the tedious and long calculation. The desktop version is for those developers who can easily develop a massiveamount of analytical reports straightly from the dashboard itself.Knowing about the advanced features of this software Advanced Visual Analytics is also the major element of Tableau Online Training course. There are various freeform calculation options accessible. Drag and drop calculation is also the foremost among these complete arrays off progressive feature. Amongst other user-friendly and active features, there is dissimilar calculation editor that can precisely edit all of your faulty calculation and then it will generate an error free result for you.

The immediate reference line is another benefit for all of the new users. For some superior experience, the multi-core query execution, as well as vector operational support, is absolutely predictable. It offers these two aspects. Along with the better data preparation as well as chromatic background, this is a bit of fun to use this specific software. It also supports the cloud-based calculation as well as storing of data.

How can this course help you?

Online authorization courses of this particular software will offer you the complete training module of the hands-on exposures. You will then get to know all the basic as well as advanced tool usages. After getting this type of practical exposures, you will easily get an overall acquaintance of this software. This specific software is actually one of the major leading quadrants of the data visualization. If somebody knows how to properly work with the business intelligence as well as data interpretation device, then you are ahead already of other people who are opting for a developed employment opportunity. This specific course will push you onward to others in the race of bagging the dream job.

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