Struts 1.x and 2.x Training Overview

The Apache Struts web framework is a free open-source solution for creating Java web applications. It provides various components that can be used to develop MVC based web applications that are easy to develop and maintain.

This advanced course shows JSP and servlet programmers how to build web applications using the Apache Struts framework. Learner learn the Struts architecture and see how it captures a great deal of pre-existing best practice: in model-view-controller action mappings, form beans, custom tags for working with HTML forms, input validation, and the Tiles view-building framework. This Struts 1.3 and 2.0 version of the course illustrates the use of Struts 1.3 in detail and 2.0.

Struts 1.x & 2.x Course Prerequisite
Java Programming, Java Web Programming, or Java Enterprise Edition. Java Servlet and JSP programming experience, and a basic understanding of HTML and XML is required.

Struts 1.x & 2.x Training Course Objective
Facilitate understanding of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and how it is best applied to Java Web development
Use Struts actions and action mappings to take control of HTTP requests/responses.
Manage HTML form input and output with form beans, and use these beans to simplify data handling in the controller.
Use JSTL and Struts custom tags to build robust and reusable JSP presentation logic.
Support multiple client locales with various internationalization techniques.
Define validation rules for input forms, and provide clear user feedback.
Build complex presentations using decoupled, reusable tiles, screens and layouts.

Struts 1.x and 2.x Training Course Duration
60 Working days, daily one and half hour
Struts 1.x and 2.x Training Course Content

STRUTS – 1.x
ifferent types of Applications
Different Layers in Application
Presentation Processing Layer
Business Processing Layer
Data Storage and Access Layer

Web Application Designing Models
Designing web application using MVC architecture

Struts Introduction
Struts Architecture
Struts Resources
Action class
Struts Configuration File
Explanation about Struts-configuration File
Detailed explanation of struts request processing flow
Customizing RequestProcessor

Validations in Struts
Client Validations
Server-side Validations
By using validate() method – programmatic approach
By using Validator Framework – declarative approach
Combination of programmatic approach and declarative approach

Different types of Action Forms and Dynamic Action Forms
Action Form

Exception Handling in Struts
rogrammatic Approach
Declarative Approach

Local Forwards and Global Forwards
Local Exceptions and Global Exceptions
Struts predefined Tag libraries
HTML Tag Library
Bean Tag Library
Logic Tag Library
Nested Tag Library
Tiles Tag Library

Predefined Action Classes

Internationalization(I18N) in Struts 1.x
Struts with Ajax Example
Preventing Double Submits
Data Source
File Uploading and Downloading in Struts
Tiles Framework
IDEs: Eclipse, Netbeans

STRUTS – 2.x
Basic Components of Struts 2
Struts 2 Features

Differences between Struts 1.x & 2.x
Steps to Create Struts 2 Application
Core Components in Struts 2
Filter Dispatcher
Value Stack
Action Context
Action Invocation
OGNL(Object Graph Notation Language)

Struts 2 Work Flow
Struts 2 Action
Struts 2 Configuration
Multi Configuration
Struts 2 Tag Library

Params Interceptor
Model Driven Interceptor
Custom Interceptor
Exception Handling

Struts 2 Validation
Custom Validation
Input Validation
Aware Interfaces

Application Aware
Session Aware
Request and Response Awares
Internationalization(I18N) in Struts 2.x

Zero Configuration
By Convention
By Annotation
Files Uploading and Downloading
Securing struts application
Debugging and profiling
Progress Meters
Custom interceptors
Data store using struts 2
JFreechart plugins
Struts2 with Tiles2
IDEs: Eclipse, Netbeans

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Strut-1 is an open-source Apache web application framework to develop Java EE web applications. The Struts-2 framework is designed to come out from the complications created during the development of any application. It is mainly used to build MVC-based web applications. Struts help in reducing the complexity in building, developing and maintaining an application.

Why Struts Training at TOPS?
TOPS Technologies created an excellent module to learn the Struts in Struts Training Course. Here in TOPS, we teach students the basics of Struts Framework, Actions, Objects, Data transfer, ONGL with Type Conversation, UI Components, also includes Advance topics during the Struts Training Course.

We provide more practical examples based on Struts during the Struts Training Course with the help of expert trainers. Struts Training Courses meant for both freshers as well as experienced professionals are offered here at TOPS. Training backed by live projects and industrial workshops are also provided at TOPS and hence foster a better understanding of the technology among the learners.

Strut is a framework for Java development and hence the knowledge of Struts can help you easily score the best java jobs in the industry. Hence if you are a fresher looking for a job in Java field, then come join our Struts training program to improve your knowledge, skills and ultimately the chances of getting the jobs. The risk-free demo lecture at the Institute would further assist you about the Struts Training program offered at TOPS. Our live project struts training makes students aware of the latest industrial processes and hence is the best course to join an IT fresher looking for jobs on a rapid basis.

Struts is one of the open-source MVC frameworks in J2EE platform, it is developed on top of Servlet, after the arrival of Struts the application development speed has reached its peak, by using MVC architecture Struts isolating business logic, presentation logic and Controllers like a separate module so in future any layer can be modified without affecting others, Struts also can be integrated with other frameworks like Spring, Hibernate

What are the course objectives?
The main objective of the course is to understand and implement real-time Applications by using the Struts framework, Understand the in-depth architecture and life cycle of the Struts application.

Who should do this course?
Anyone with the basic knowledge in core Java/J2EE can enroll for this course

Course Duration Information
This training will happen for 20 hours. If you opt for weekend classes both Saturday and Sunday you will be having approximately 2 hours 30 mins in the scheduled time of the batch you chose. If you opt of weekdays classes all Monday to Friday you need to spend at least 60mins.

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