You Tube Channel For Sale Ongole = 1,500/-

Now, I must confess that I am an “Oprah” fan….and I certainly enjoy some of her shows. That’s how I know who P. Diddy, a.k.a Sean Combs is (no, I don’t typically listen to rap music)…..but what’s the connection with HR, you rightly ask???

About a month or so ago, while I was catching up on my Tivo’d collection of shows, P. Diddy was on a show that Oprah did about You Tube. She had You Tube’s founders on the show, and she was highlighting some of the most popular videos posted on You Tube.

P. Diddy was featured because he had placed a video for a job posting advertising for a new assistant. I thought, what a creative way to source candidates! They showed the video he’d created, then brought the three final contenders on the show. P. Diddy asked them a few more job-related questions, then announced who of the three finalists got the job! What an effective publicity stunt-he got tons of exposure it from going on Oprah’s show-talk about leveraging one purpose into multiple venues! I admire how clever his publicity and recruiting stunt was. It worked not only to fill an open job, but to create multiple points of contact on You Tube, The Oprah Show, etc.

Today, as HR professionals we’re constantly challenged to fill open jobs with highly qualified candidates in a tight job market. Even in a declining economy, unemployment is still low. We all know how tough it is to find great people. So how can we best source qualified job applicants?

By becoming creative in sourcing candidates in using technology and media channels to access them.

It’s simple, really. Think of where they go to get information using mixed media including the web, printed materials, physical locations, etc. Market your job openings to them using their realm of influence.

Go where they go to advertise your jobs!

Here’s a few tips to help you source qualified candidates for your open jobs:

Don’t forget traditional means of sourcing either: