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The ideas here can be adopted for St Valentines and special anniversaries but should not be limited to these two days alone. The whole idea of this article is to get men to say ‘I Love You’ to their partners more often. Most women would agree that once or twice a year really isn’t enough and welcome any show of affection that has taken even the slightest attention from their man.

One of the most thoughtful times to say ‘I Love you’ is when you are absent. Be it at work for the day or away for a few days. Letting her know that you are thinking of her while you are away and thought about her before you left: says a lot about your feelings for her.

Buy her that cheap dessert that she always talks about from her childhood. Putting a post-it note on top to ‘My favorite girl’ will woo her for sure.

Get some of those old fashion sprung clothes pegs and write cute messages on them. Then go through her wardrobe and peg the items that you know she’ll be wearing that week. You’ll get some tell-tale texts throughout the week – guaranteed.

Send her a text with something like, I had my face read today! they said that I am in love with a very special woman, I’d have to agree.

If you get home before her, run her a bath and put some of her favorite music on. make it clear that this isn’t about sex but about valuing her and wanting her to feel loved. Then busy yourself with something practical (no hammering or drilling please guys)

Learn a simple magic trick (you tube has millions) and customize it to reveal a special message for her. She’ll be impressed that you took the time and excited by the punch line.

Everyone in a relationship knows something about their partner that they can home in on and make special. It’s about being unique and thoughtful and attentive. Sending a post card or fun greetings card even when you’re not away will hit the spot. All of these things show that you care and think about her often. She may wonder what got into you and be suspicious at first. Let her wonder, let her be curious about what you are after (her assumption) and reassure her that you simply wanted to let her know how much you loved her. You could even say you read about it in an article and it made you think.

Random acts of affection are food for the relationship soul. Try it out and see what happens, I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.