1)Fundamentals Of iOS

C,C++ programing
About iphone industry
Basic OOPs, Software Engineering ,SQL

2)Swift Language In iOS

Hello swift
An introduction about swift Playground
code comments
DataType Constants & variable
Dictionaries(NS Dictionaries, NS Mutable Dictionary)
functions and Closures
Classes and Structures
Methods Overriding

3)iOS Operating System

Introduction of iPhone Architectures and cocoa
Fretworks and tools
Interfaces builder ,XIB,NIb,Storyboard files
MVC architectures

4)Application Development iOS

Introduction of application Templates
Appdelegate,files Owner
UIAlert Controller(alert and actionsheet)
keyboard hiding,UIImageView,UIimagePickerController
UISegmentsControls, UI progress bar, UI slider
UIswitchbutton, UIstapper, UIActivity Controller,
WebView, ScrollView
Datepicker, Pickerview, UIView, UIStackView, UIHorizantalview
Auto layout with size class(Constraint)
Navigation from one page to another page
Text Sharing (UIActivity View Controls)

5)Application Developments-II

UITableview(customtableview cell)
UICollection View(custom collection view cell)
Navigation bar,Navigationitem,bar button item (with Custom Design)
Toolbar,Toolbaritem,Tab bar and Tab bar item (With Custom Design)
UIGestures Controls
Dynamic Controls Design (Custom Controls Design)
NSUserDefaults ,Plist,Appicon, splash screen
Validation[TextField Validator]
Use Layer Propties of all controls
Template Design

6)Database ,XML , JSON, Core Data In iOS

Directory Handling and file IO
SQLite database with the terminal operation
SQLite database operation with the application
XML and JSON parsing
Core data
Application Deployment
Audio, Video Player and Read pdf file with Simulator

7)iOS With WEB Server

Downloading and uploading
NSURL Request,NSMutable URL Request
IOS with phpwebservies[Request,post]
IOS with SOAP service

8)Industrial Project For iOS

Location Mapping(GPS)
Map kit
3 D Touch
Notification (local and push notification)
Animation (basic,shaking,orbite,other)
App In porches(Store kit)
Add Extender
Cocoa pod Installation for downloading framework and library
Google Map Integration
Google API (places and direction API etc )
Social media integration,iAd Integration
Email and Message Sending
Cocoa controls Use in Projects
Use of ThiredPartiyapi
Application deployments

What every iOS developer should know?

Xcode. Xcode is the most versatile IDE the iOS app development community has ever seen. …
Cocoa Touch. Cocoa Touch is an excellent UI framework again from Apple, that allows developers to write code to design the UI for mobile apps. …
Table Views. …
View Controllers. …
Storyboards. …
Auto Layout. …
Key Value Coding.

2)What are the skills required for iOS developer?

The Swift 3.0 programming language. …
Apple’s Xcode IDE. …
Spatial Reasoning. …
Design Guidelines. …
UI and UX design experience. …
Apple Human Interface Guidelines. …
Networking. …
Core Data.

3)Is it hard to become iOS developer?

Of course it’s also possible to become an iOS developer without any passion for it. But it will be very difficult and there will not be a lot of fun. … So it is indeed very hard to become an iOS developer – and even harder if you don’t have enough of passion for it.

4)Is iOS developer a good career 2020?

Looking at the increasing popularity of the iOS platform namely Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and the macOS platform, it is safe to say that a career in iOS application development is a good bet. … There are immense job opportunities that provide good pay packages and even better career development or growth.

5)How much do iOS developers get paid?

According to PayScale’s data, the average salary of American iOS developers stands at $82,472 per year. The average salary presented by Glassdoor is visibly higher and stands at $106,557 per year. Indeed shows the highest average salary, which is $125,017 per year based on their data.

6)Do I need a degree to be an iOS developer?

You do not need a degree. You will need some kind of equivalent experience, though. Learn Xcode + iOS + Swift + general data structures and write a few sample apps. … mobile app development is a really accessible field that you can get into with just some instruction and lots of experience.

Welcome to the Complete iOS 14 / iOS 13 Developer Course!

If you are searching for the right course to learn about iOS Development from scratch, you’ve just found it!

This course will take you from a complete beginner to confident practitioner, as we focus on practical iOS development without neglecting the theory!

We are going to write real life example apps, games and clones… plus so much more! You will learn and practice all details of Swift 5 and iOS development during these projects and challenges, and I’ll also introduce you to Swift UI in a later dedicated section! We will work with the latest technology: Xcode 12.

With this course you also get FREE…

One year web hosting from Eco Webhosting (limited to one year per student, not per course*)

300$ worth of visuals to use in your app design

CCA Certification participation pass for Swift Level 1 & Swift Level 2!

*The Eco Webhosting offers an free unlimited web hosting package for one year. This is limited to one offer available per Codestars student, rather than per course.

When you finish this course you are going to be able to understand how you can write any iOS app you want.

Building on the foundations of Rob Percival’s iOS courses, but goes much, much further!

Taught by Atil Samancioglu (who teaches more than 200,000 students on Udemy on Mobile Programming & Cyber Security) in partnership with Rob Percival’s Codestars (over 1,000,000 students have taken Codestars courses!!) – this course builds on the foundations of Rob’s previous iOS courses, but add much, much more!

You can see some of the example topics that we are going to cover throughout the course:

Swift 5 Beginner & Intermediate & Advanced techniques


Push Notifications






Core Data


Back4App Servers

Social Media Development

Machine Learning

Augmented Reality

Games with Sprite Kit

SwiftUI Crash Course

Design Essentials with Adobe XD




This course is ideal for students looking forward to learn iOS 14 & Swift 5 in a comprehensive way. You do not have to have any prior experience in order to take this course. We are going to start from scratch and make our way to the top. You will be able to write & design a real app and upload it to the AppStore at the end of this course.

In related sections we are going to work on projects such as “Art Book”, “Catch the Kenny”, “Currency Converter”, “Travel Book”, “Foursquare Clone”, “Instagram Clone”, “Snapchat Clone”, “Angry Bird Clone”, “Image Recognition App” and so much more! We are going to cover both Firebase and Parse with their latest and most updated versions! This course is completely up to date, you won’t see any outdated technology, outdated lectures.

All course projects & source codes will be shared with you via GitHub. All your questions will be replied within 24 hours!

Happy Coding!

Who this course is for:

People who want to learn about iOS development
People who want to learn about coding
People who want to be professional iOS developers
People who want to master Swift skills

iOS Application Development using Swift Certification Training Course Overview

Swift is Apple’s new programming language introduced in iOS 8 SDK and Xcode 6. In this course, students will learn to create iOS Application Development with the help of Swift. Swift is a new programming language for iOS and OS X apps that build on the best of C and Objective, without the constraints of C Compatibility. Swift adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features to make programming easier more flexible and more fun.

Who should do this course?

iPhone App Developers

Reasons why Swift is the right choice for iOS App Development

There are certain features because of which Swift is becoming more popular among iOS developers.

Easy to learn – Swift requires lesser time to be learned perfectly, as compared to other languages and is quite easy to learn.
Simple Syntax – The Swift coding is concise and hence popular among professionals.
Smooth iOS development – Swift’s primary focus is on iOS development and thus understands the platform completely.
Follows a new approach to error handling – The language identifies success and failure outcomes and carefully tracks all possible errors.
Availability of varied functions – Varied higher order functions enable reducing the amount of code. Simple single line expressions are written well using these different functions.
Maximum application performance – Many Swift functions have a lesser execution time than many other languages designed for the iOS platform. This results in increased level of performance.
Dynamic libraries – Swift has dynamic libraries which allow reduction in application size. This helps in speeding up the process of downloading as well.

Formal prerequisites for this course are:

Knowledge of Swift Programming

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

Setting Up Your Project in Xcode.
Picking Value from UI Picker View. Implementing Range Pickers with UI Sliders.
Detecting and Reacting to Collisions between UI Components.
Animating UI Components with a Push.
Handling events in collection views.
Providing Header and Footer in a collection view.
Sorting Data in Core Data.
Implementing Relationships in Core Data.
Observing Changes to Records in cloud Kit.
Retrieving user information from cloud kit.
Deleting Existing Values in the Keychain.
Sharing Keychain data Between Multiple Apps.

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