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Training with Internship and Live Projects India, Australia, Saudi Arabia UAE CODING, IOS, IPHONE Application Training and Jobs 

IOS and IPHONE Application Development training is focused on providing high-quality coding services & software services and customer satisfaction, we will do everything we can to meet your expectation.
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Nexax offers top Ios application – Course hosted by industry experts. We provide detailed study material for all modules with real-time project examples. We give you the credits for Real-Time Internship in our training course by nurturing you with the assignments and real-time practical training. We have expertise in this field for the past ten years.
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We provide 100% Placement assistance by driving you towards a bright career. We nourish our students with strong knowledge for interviews for top MNC companies at India. We help you become a Google certified by helping you with the best guidance and tips to crack the Google certification exams.

IOS application Training Syllabus
  DOWNLOAD: IPHONE Application Designing
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Why choose us Coding Training

1. Having More Than 15 Years Of Experience In Iphone Training
2. 13+ Years Of Experience In Real-Time Industry
3. 100% Lab Facility For Every Student By Experienced Lab Coordinators
4. Training On Live Projects And Assignments
5. 100% Placement Assistance
6. Lifetime Access To Latest Content
7. 24 X 7 Trainer’s Support On Online Forum
8. Giving Credits For Real Time Internship
9. Get Full Access To Paid SEO Tools
10. Become A Certified Professional


2000 Pages of Training Material | 800 Practice Questions
500 Case Sheets , Etc..

Exam Preparation 

IOS Training Exam Practice Test – 2020
Iphone Coding Practice Test – 2020

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Fees for online ios training Coding 6,000+  only if ur Looking for iphone training 12,000+ Classroom training and internship training with live projects.
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1. We Provide Complete knowledge in ios
2. In Depth Knowledge in Modifiers.
3. Covers Each and Every codes in all series with on spot Scenarios workout.
4. We provide In depth knowledge about Compliance.
5. Project Various more knowledge about codes.
6. We provide Materials like Book, Hardcopies of Mock assessment’s,Hardcopies of Series wise assessment with rationale,website login for attend plenty of practice questions,other study materials
7. 24/7 what’s app group doubt clarification,
8. One to One Scenarios Discussion.
9. Students can attend Missed classes on another day by approaching us at anytime.
10. We conduct Pre exam Review classes which will make our students to score Good percentage in Exam.
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iPhone Course Overview

Our iOS training classes can help you get off to a running start in iPhone, iPod, and iPad app development. Learn from expert Objective-C developers with years of experience in Apple’s iPhone SDK and Mac OS X development tools and frameworks. You’ll be creating working iPhone and iPad Apps in class within a few, fast-paced days. You will Understand the entire iPhone Apps Development Cycle from start to end

iPhone Course Prerequisite

iPhone Training Course Objective

Our iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) training offerings feature smaller class sizes, more intensive hands-on lab exercises,deeper explanations, and the very best instructors
Our focus on—and let’s face it, love of—Objective-C, Xcode, cocoa and Apple’s iOS development frameworks ensures you’ll get the very best iOS training available
Our goal is to not only get you coding quickly—we’ll also help you get a solid understanding of how things work under the covers so you can continue learning on your own
You’ll come away with practical, hands-on skills in designing and implementing well-engineered iPhone iPad and iPod apps, plus a level of insight that’s essential to resolving bugs, memory leaks, and other development issues


iPhone Training Course Duration


Hardware and Software Requirements

iPhone Training Course Overview

Intro to Objective-C
Objective-C and Smalltalk
Objective-C, C ,  C++  and Mac OS X
Objective-C and iPhone/iPad/iOS

Introduction iOS and SDK 
iOS SDK: iPhone, iPod Touch

Interface Builder
iPhone Simulator
Xcode IDE

Objective-C 2.0 

Programming in Objective-C
The Preprocessor

Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties
Data Types
control flow statement
More about  Classes
More about Variables and Data Types
Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, and Dynamic Binding 

Categories and Protocols 

About Categories
About Protocols

Foundation Framework 
Introduction to the Foundation Framework


Scalar Data Types
NSObject and NSString
NSData and NSDate


NSHomeDirectory(), etc.
Resource Files
Read/Write Text Files
Copying Objects

Memory Management 

Auto Releasing
Reference Counting
Static Analyzer
Garbage Collection

Cocoa and Touch 

What is Cocoa?
Cocoa Framework and Cocoa Classes
Interface Builder
Nib files
File’s Owner
Outlet Connections
Action Connections

Controls Part-1 
Event Handling
Toolbar items
Status bar
Navigation bar and items

Controls Part-2 

Activity Indicator
Network Activity Indicator
Page Indicator
Progress View
Refresh Control
Scope Bar
Search Bar
Segmented Control
Detail Disclosure Button
Info Button

Text Controls 

Text Field and Delegate
Text View and Delegate

What is View?
UIViews and UIViewControllers
UIView Class
UIView Subclasses
Types of Views

Window Based Application 

Application Delegate
View Controller
Window & Views
Device Info
CGRect, CGPoint, CGSize
CGRectMake(), CGRectZero
Static Device Info
Dynamic Device Info
Orientation Info
The iPhone Accelerometer
Detecting shakes
Determining orientation
Responding to the accelerometer

Tab Bar Application 

Tab Bar Controllers
Tab Bars
First View Controller
Second View Controller
Third View Controller
Creating New Classes
Classes and Interface Builder

Navigation Based Application 
Root View Controller
Navigation Controller, Bars and Items
Button Bar Items
Push/Pop Views 
Picker View 
Date and Time Picker

Table View 
Table View  and Controller
Table View Cellz
Data Source
Table View Delegate

Popover (iPad Only)
Split View (iPad Only)
Browser View

Alerting Users

Alert View
Alert View Delegate
Action Sheet
Action Sheet Delegate

Media and Images 

UI image
Highlighted Animation Images
Rotating Image
Playing Audio
Responding to audio events.
Playing audio in background
Recording Audio
Playing Video
Photo Library
Taking Pictures And Movies 

Processes and Threads 

GCD (Grand Central Dispatch)


Web Server 

Working with SQLite 

What Is SQLite?
The SQLite Library
Building a Simple Database
Designing the Database
Creating the Database
Populating the Database
Creating Records with the INSERT Command 

Working with Core Data 

Introducing Core Data
SQLite and Core Data
Modeling Data in Xcode
Building a Core Data Application
Core Data-Related Cocoa Features
Core Data Migration and Performance
Application Integration using Web Services 

Location and Mapping 

About Core Location
Handling location updates
About Map Kit
Map Overlays
Adding annotations 

Social Networks Integration 

Flickr integration
Twitter integration
Facebook integration
Youtube integration 

Real-Time Working Scenario 

What is mercurial and  repository?
What is IPA file?
How to make an ipa file, upload a build to TestFlight? and upload app to app store?


How to Become an IOS Developer From Scratch?

If you wish to become an IOS developer from scratch, there are several skills you will have to acquire. The skills would be specifically related to IOS and Cocoa Touch Frameworks. Other than these skills, you should also have the knowledge about object-oriented principles, steps to make use of the source control and the language such as Swift or Objective-C required for performing IOS development. Once you are able to create an IOS app from the scratch, you can easily get job as an IOS developer.

The user interface should be comprised images, text views, labels, buttons and other controls that are stated within the code and also in Story Boards.
By making use of Auto Layout, you will have to make sure the views to be where it should be on the screen sizes and orientations.
User interactions have to be maintained using buttons, switches, table views, sliders and other controls.

The IOS app should also have multiple navigation types with tab bar controllers, page view controllers and navigation controllers and even the combinations of them.

Alerts and action sheets would be displayed along with the ability in handling input from them.
User inputs from the text views have to be accepted.

Scroll view comprised smoother scrolling is yet another necessity.
The data is sent and received from a REST API by making asynchronous network requests.
A Table View that displays list of data from a network request.
Web page has to be displayed in a web view.
To become an IOS developer, you should be able to engage in conversations about the topics as mentioned below.

Tips that make a good User Interface and the human interface guidelines IOS developers needs to follow.


Why You Should Learn To Develop iOS Applications

I’m sure you’re aware of the explosion in popularity of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications. Even if you don’t own one of these devices, you’ve probably seen one of Apple’s commercials showing how amazingly fun or useful all their apps are.

Businesses are getting into the app craze by the thousands. Not only are new companies being formed to build apps, but many existing companies are building their own apps, either as an additional revenue stream or just as a way to build their brand.

In fact, a lot of companies are starting to think of apps as the new website: every business should have one!

Here’s something to think about: who’s actually building all these apps?

There’s currently a huge disparity between supply and demand when it comes to iOS development. The iOS platform didn’t even exist 3 years ago, and suddenly there are tens of thousands of companies and individuals desperately looking for people to build their apps.

It’s a great time to be an iOS developer. Obviously new app companies have a need for developers, but even the large established companies need people. You don’t have to look far to find places looking to hire, and you can also do great working as a consultant or freelancer. Many companies aren’t looking to build an app in-house if app development isn’t a core part of their business.

In addition, no matter where you’re located in the world, there probably isn’t a lot of outsourcing for iOS development. It’s just too new a platform. Off-shore development shops like to focus on large, established platforms for which certifications are available. This is why.NET and other Microsoft platforms are so huge in the outsourcing world, while open source platforms are comparatively limited. The iOS platform is still only a few years old, and Apple has yet to create an official certification program.

I expect this demand is only going to continue, at least in the short term of the next few years. The iPhone is still hugely popular, and is continuing to be added to new carriers, which means new users. The iPad’s growth has been enormous even in the relatively short time it’s been available.

Another aspect not to discount is the Mac App Store. I expect it to only get more popular as it becomes further integrated with Mac OS X Lion. If you’re an iOS developer, it’s only a very short jump to building Mac apps.


iOS Application Development using Swift Certification Training Course Overview


Swift is Apple’s new programming language introduced in iOS 8 SDK and Xcode 6. In this course, students will learn to create iOS Application Development with the help of Swift. Swift is a new programming language for iOS and OS X apps that build on the best of C and Objective, without the constraints of C Compatibility. Swift adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features to make programming easier more flexible and more fun.

Who should do this course?
There are certain features because of which Swift is becoming more popular among iOS developers.
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