Course Description:

This course will cover the practical aspects of multi-tier application development using the .NET framework. The goal of this course is to introduce the students to the basics of distributed application development. We will introduce the students to Web Service development and .NET remoting. Technologies covered include the Common Language Runtime (CLR), .NET framework classes, C#, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET. We will also cover service oriented architecture, design, performance, security, content managements systems and deployment issues encountered in building multi-tier distributed applications.

Course Objectives:

1.Introduction to Networking and the world wide web.

2.Building multi-tier enterprise applications.

3.Introduction to the .NET framework.

  1. .NET Interoperation services.

5.Client side programming: HTTP, CGI, Cookies, JavaScript, HTML, XML.

6.Server side programming: Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Services, ADO.NET Data Access

7.Client/Server Programming, 3-tier architecture.

8..NET Remoting.

  1. ASP.NET Web services and web service security.

10.RESTful, SOAP, DISCO, and UDDI.

11.Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services.

12.Software as a Service (SaaS).

13.Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development with HTML5 and PhoneGap

Performance Objectives:

1.Students will be able to understand the development and deployment cycles of enterprise applications.

2.Students will be able to utilize the .NET framework to build distributed enterprise applications.

3.tudents will be able to develop ASP.NET Web Services, secure web services, and .NET remoting applications.

4.Students will be able to understand the protocols behind web services including: SOAP, DISCO, and UDDI.

6.Students will be able to understand the 3-tier software architecture (presentation/client tier, application tier, data tier) and develop multi-tier applications.

7.Students will be able to understand and experiment with the deployment of enterprise applications.

8.Students will be able to develop web applications using a combination of client-side (JavaScript, HTML, XML, WML) and server-side technologies (ASP.NET, ADO.NET).

9.Students will be able to develop network applications using state-of-the-art RPC technologies including: .NET remoting, and Web Services (SOAP).

10.Students will be able to develop cross-platform mobile applications using HTML5 and PhoneGap.

What is net course?

NET (pronounced dot net) is a framework that provides a programming guidelines that can be used to develop a wide range of applications–––from web to mobile to Windows-based applications. The . NET framework can work with several programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++ and F#.

What is .NET used for?

NET is a free, cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications. With . NET, you can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT.

Does .NET have future?

Microsoft announced the new . NET 5 (future of . NET) at the Build 2019 conference. . NET 5 will be the single unified platform for building applications that runs on all platforms(Windows, Linux) and devices (IoT, Mobile)

Is Python a .NET language?

NET libraries, especially the powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) components in the System. … NET was considered, allowing Python developers to call . NET assemblies, but in the end this lost out to IronPython, a reimplementation of Python as

What is .NET in simple terms?

NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a product of Microsoft. It is a programming framework used by Software applications in order to run. It has two major parts: the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the . Net Framework Class Library. The CLR is an execution engine used to handle running programs.

Which is better .NET or Python?

Python is most praised for its elegant syntax and readable code, if you are just beginning your programming career python suits you best. … Python has a broader approval, being mentioned in 2830 company stacks & 3639 developers stacks; compared to ASP.NET, which is listed in 76 company stacks and 76 developer stacks.

Build Your Career With the Best Asp Dot Net Training Course

Microsoft dot net is considered to be one of the most accepted programming languages in the web developing industry. The framework helps you to create applications on your website just the way you want it to view. To know more about platform and build a career in this field, make sure you get your name enrolled in the best training institute. In fact there are several institutes spread all across the globe, but when you are looking for the best come then come down to India. India is the hub of web developing industry where you get quality services and solutions at cost-effective rate. You will find many institutes providing placement services to their candidates soon after the training. This not only helps in building their career but encourage a more number of students to join the institute as well.

In this competitive world, every single company is trying their best to stand above all. The main idea is to draw a large number of customers by offering the best possible services. In order to make the websites attractive and interesting as well, business owners are looking for professionals and experts who can do the needful. This is the reason more number of institutes and centers are cropping up every now and then to help your business grow. Not all institutes are recognized or the affiliated ones, so pick up carefully. Take admission in that institute that is good and assure you 100% success in your future. Browse through the magazines or the net check which training institute suits you the best. Verify whether it is the affiliated one or not and whether you can avail the course at economical rates. Make sure wherever you register your name for the course; you get the right value of your money.

When you are deciding to get your name register in a particular training institute, talk to the management in details and get a clear idea about the course materials, teaching methodology and so on. Check whether the course details cover all the topics or subjects that are relative to the field. Also ensure whether the institutes offer practical classes and facilities of attending live projects or not. There are some institutes that offer both online and classroom tutorials to their candidates. Now, you need to choose the right one that suits your requirements and budget as well. It would definitely be an added advantage if the institute provides lab sessions based on practical life stimulation. There are even institutes that offer job placements in their own organization. This is truly a great help for the students/candidates/professional aspirants as they can directly join the professional place just after their classroom courses. It happens not with everyone, so make sure you score good marks so that the dot net training institutes absorb you in their organization.

The minimum eligibility to join training courses is bachelor’s degree. No wonder a good institute will have trained professionals who teaches its students based on the advanced topics Most of the institutes offer flexibility in their course timetable that helps the candidates fix up their time accordingly. No wonder, with time there have been a number of job opportunities for an developer in this IT industry. The secret behind this are the institutes that have come up in the limelight to produce great talents and experts for the needy IT sector

Business Value of ASP DOT NET Training

Businesses are heavily dependent on IT departments for growth and saving costs. Fluctuation in sales is also dependent on the strategies made by the technology professionals.In order to meet their goals, it is imperative for the IT departments to rely on a kind of technology that would help them to fulfill their purpose with ease. The features of ASP DOT NET are perfectly fit for small businesses that do not have huge budget. Moreover, in this fast-paced world, it is also important to get hold of technology that would reduce the time taken to build applications yet provide quality and reliable solution. ASP Dot Net is one such advanced technical platform. In case you are looking for a lucrative job in this fast growing IT domain then Microsoft Dot Net Training is must for you.

But before you can put this in use, you need to master the subject. So what is it exactly? Well Microsoft created this tool so that developers can avail a completely new platform for developing applications. Previous developing platforms had several shortcomings and these were solved to a great extent with the help of ASP DOT NET. The cost of developing applications with this tool is also reasonable. Previously it was difficult to change applications at a fast pace and it would take quite a long time for the developers to develop a new application. Microsoft offered ASP DOT NET as a solution to all these problems.

There are various kinds of applications that the developers and programmers can create with the help of this Microsoft tool. Some of these are:

Accounting applications
XML Web services
Customer relationship management
PDA applications
Supply management
Product applications

Besides these, the developers must also know about the various features of this platform. A Microsoft Dot Net training might also help you with your job. A brief training will help you to know that this tool has a library of classes that can be reused. This also guides the developers to build applications graphically. In fact, Dot Net is hailed as the future of development.

When businesses take up software projects they calculate the time they would require to complete it and what would be their ROI in the entire project. This Microsoft tool is the perfect one to ensure better paybacks. Thus, for businesses such a tool is of great benefit.

As far as learning about this tool is concerned, there are several institutes that offer courses related to it. You can look for a suitable institute in your location for ASP DOT NET training. If you are already into a job and looking for a quick course then check out the online courses as well. These courses will save your time but at the same time you will be able to get a proper training and certification. With competition rising each day in your professional lives, it is imperative that you keep upgrading yourself. A Microsoft Dot Net training might be the boost that your career requires right now.

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