5 Checks for Your Digital Marketing Meter

Now, with 2015 just a matter of days before rolling into history, here are five indices you need to check before making the same mistakes in 2016.

Did you really engage your consumers?

Some brands are still on the SEO page and the usage (or over-usage) of keywords. But the engagement world has moved on (even Google has moved on) – the new mantra is quality content. Was your brand able to engage your customers and would-be customers with hilariously funny, deeply educative and thought-provoking content? If you did not, then you are still able to wipe the slate clean because in Digital Marketing, the present is always fresh. You might not have the capability in-house to develop such content, which means that at the very beginning, you would have to outsource this segment while you train or hire new staff who will fit and meet the requirements. But make sure to do something!

Did you target your consumers?

Did you actually take time to develop a persona (s) for your user or consumer? Did you really find out about him or her? Did you care enough to find out his/her challenges so you could in any way help mitigate it? The data you get from Google Analytics or Egg Sprout will be useless to the brand if it cannot be interpreted to mean real human beings – that have feelings.

Your brand needs to understand that it is either you are pushing people away with your content or pulling them closer to the point where they become ambassadors (without coercion) of your brand. Look into this quickly!

Did you offer exclusivity?

Was there something to be gained by engaging with your brand? And we are not just talking about giveaways here… there are a lot of brands giving away things and people still stay unconnected. Real friendship should be about give and take and your consumers are already giving you’re their money and loyalty by purchasing whatever you are selling or offering, what will you give back? It is the season of gifts – ensure that your customers feel that you recognise their loyalty!

Did you choose mobile over desktop and tablet?

A lot of brands still believe and are developing desktop and tablet-based web solutions, but this is simply outdated. Why? Because more than 80% of the target market now use a form of Smartphones to connect to the Internet. The mobile device is the always-on device that is constantly disrupting how the majority of the world live their lives at the moment. You could also have a mobile-optimised website or platform, but there is nothing more assured about your marketing by developing a mobile-only solution and watch your engagement grow. Let us not even discuss apps!

Did you have patience?

Like we always will say, Digital Marketing is not magic. Even magicians need to put in something before they get something else. With over 2 million pieces of content developed and published every day, the only thing that will stand a brand out eventually is consistency and quality. If you have developed a strategy for engagement, then you need to be patient. Do not get frustrated when you get just 1 Like all week, people are watching and just waiting and no one can determine that particular threshold when everything would click into place. Though one thing is sure – it will surely click into place!

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Online Marketing Training – What You Need to Know

As an internet marketing mentor, a question I get asked often is ‘What is the secret to making 6 figures online?’ They figure there must be some secret that the internet marketing gurus are hiding from them because that’s the way so many home based business websites and new internet marketing product launches position themselves. Buy this product, join this home based business, purchase this software and you’ll have the secret to turning the internet into your own personal ATM. Sound familiar?

Well, grab a pen and a piece of paper because I’m about to reveal the secret to making life changing money on the internet. Ready? Here it is…get the proper online marketing training and mentoring from someone who is actually doing it themselves…Period! Sorry if you were expecting some magic button you could push and make money with no effort, it just doesn’t work that way. With that said though, with the proper online marketing training, mentoring, and the proper mindset, you can absolutely make 6 or even 7 figures in any online business in a relatively short period of time…no joke!

Online Marketing Training – What To Look For

So what should you look for in a mentor or training program? Again, make sure you are being mentored by someone who is actually making the kind of money you want to make. You also want to make sure they offer live interactive webinar training on a regular basis so that you can look over their shoulder so to speak and visually see step by step what you need to do. It’s important that it’s interactive because you’ll want to be able to get questions answered in real time.

Additionally, you want the training and mentoring to be ongoing. That’s why it is critical that you seek out a mentoring or training program rather than just an eBook or similar digital product. The internet changes so fast you want your online marketing training to be up to date with the latest trends and internet marketing strategies. With an ebook, you don’t really know if the information is current or if it is last year’s mediocre tactic.

Bottom line, if you are serious about this internet marketing thing, I mean truly serious about creating a life changing retirement-style income and never having to worry about money again, then you need to learn from those who are already doing it…makes sense, right? There’s no need to try to figure it all out yourself or to reinvent the wheel.

General Aviation – 8 Ideas for Digital Marketing

Prospective customers need to know what they are getting. Today though, simply providing a list of features or performance numbers or a course curriculum, is not going to make you stand out. These are certainly needed, but how they are presented and sold is what is going to make you stand out. Interaction, engagement and sharing knowledge is a powerful way to sell as it develops trust and authenticity; important qualites in web based business today.

The best way to educate your audience and potential customer base is through ‘interaction and emersion.’ Flying is an interactive and a totally immersive experience. Your potential customers need to know what your product feels like before they experience a test flight. The digital marketing technologies available today make this easy to do.

Naturally, for those that are just thinking about getting in to aviation you have an opportunity to engage them at a level more meaningful to somebody with no aviation experience, where the usual product features and performance numbers mean little to them. You are not selling, you are educating. If you get this right through a digital medium like a website or social media site, the original investment in developing the experience will play out to a multitude of potential customers with no additional expenditure.

Here are some ways you could enhance your product education experience:

    1. First, make sure your website can be viewed on a mobile device – not just a tablet or laptop. If it isn’t you are going to miss out on a lot of potential traffic in the coming year or two.

    1. Use a video for features of your product that need to be explained. Have one of your pilots run through the key features while somebody videos him. Use a tripod, you don’t want to get them airsick just yet!

    1. To connect with younger enthusiasts have a young pilot run through some of the more cool features of your product. Have one of his or her friends video it through an iPhone so it has a more personal and ‘current’ feel, rather than ‘staged’.

    1. Have them shoot a young pilot in training from the rear seat; especially when they are taken through their first stall experience.

    1. Avionics manufacturers have started producing their own interactive experiences to show off the latest navigation equipment, consider embedding it in your product pages.

    1. Pages with endless lists of specs and stats can be broken up and hidden under category tabs and displayed when clicked on, making pages less cluttered and easy to read. It also makes pages more visually pleasing. Navigation and site architecture on most sites today are typically oriented towards product features and specs. Nothing wrong here except your likely missing the audience who would like to know more about why they should actually buy from you or what getting in to aviation will do for them and their lifestyle. A wealth of material to liven up your site can be found in this alone.

    1. Consider that the ultimate decision, whether the potential pilot likes it or not, may rest with the person likely to fill the right seat; the wife. If she isn’t comfortable with the prospect of flying or the buying experience, then the sale is in jeopardy from the get go. A lifestyle section of the website tailored to the right seat occupant is a serious consideration.

  1. One of the main reasons student pilots don’t qualify is because they don’t finish. Some don’t finish because the flying experience just wasn’t what they expected, maybe it even scared them witless. For others, cost accumulation got the better of them; they just didn’t put the right financial plan in place to help them through to completion or set out with the wrong expectations. What ever the case, your site should provide various ways to allow them to fully appreciate what’s involved and how you can help them.
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