Atom Configuration
Profiles and Processes
Different Connectors in Dell Boomi
Process design Shapes
Exception Handling
Consuming SOAP and REST Services
Building SOAP and REST in Boomi
Deploy and Un-deploy process
Scheduling the process
Processing of Documents

How do I get Dell Boomi certification?

You can attend courses from your smartphone, tablet or PC, from any location. You can get trained in your core competency area in just a week or across several weeks. Whenever your schedule allows, Boomi training is ready. It leads to certification.

2)What is Dell Boomi used for?

Boomi is a business unit acquired by Dell in 2010 that specializes in integration platform as a service (iPaaS), API management, Master Data Management and data preparation.

3)Is Dell Boomi better than MuleSoft?

Overall, MuleSoft is the better data integration choice because it offers a more flexible and scalable solution that provides developers with the business functions they need in this digital age. Boomi will take more time to develop, learn, and integrate into your organization, whereas MuleSoft won’t.

4)Is Dell Boomi easy to learn?

Best thing about Boomi is its relatively low learning curve. Its very easy to use for the developers. Great tutorials and documentation available on their site.

5)How much does Dell Boomi cost?

Boomi offers a wide array of plans and tiers, as you can see on the Dell Boomi pricing page. For starters, the most basic Boomi plan begins at a monthly fee of $549. According to the Boomi website, this base plan is a β€œstarter solution for small and medium businesses to integrate two applications

6)Who are MuleSoft competitors?

Dell Boomi. (208)4.2 out of 5. …
Jitterbit. (214)4.7 out of 5. …
Zapier. (661)4.5 out of 5. …
Postman. (562)4.6 out of 5. …
SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) (153)4.2 out of 5. …
Software AG webMethods. (126)4.2 out of 5. …
Cleo Integration Cloud. …


Course content plays an essential role in training a candidate with the right skill. We at Mindmajix took the utmost care while developing the Dell Boomi course content. Our Latest Dell Boomi syllabus (2020) designed to cover all the fundamental concepts to make you a professional. It will also help you in clearing the certification exam. You will find the complete dell Boomi course details in the below sections.


Need for Cloud Integration
What is iPass?
Cloud Integration Concerns
Dell Boomi Account Set up
Exploring Dell Boomi and Life Cycle
Environments and Atoms
Atoms properties

Core of Dell Boomi

What is the AtomSphere Process?
AtomSphere Shapes: Execute, Logic and Connect
What is a component?
What is document Tracking?

Types of Profiles, creation and flow

Xml, Database, Json, Flat File and EDI
flow mechanism
Profile combination
Retrieve profile from cache inside map

Standard and custom function

Cross Reference
User defined function
Standard functions

Document flow and error handling techniques

Batch documents
Flow control
Flow control with set properties mechanism
Custom alerts
Read data at each shape in Test mode
Exception shape: terminate the data flow and
Define custom error messages

Process Building using all the Shapes, Testing and Deployment

End to End Design of Interface
Testing of the Interface
Deployment of the Interface
Execution of the Interface
Analysis of Process Reporting, logs etc.

Web services

User creation
Shared web server

High Volume data handling

OutOfMemoryException errors
Ram usage

Best Practices

Assignments will be given to individuals after each session.
Dell Boomi setup & license should bear by the participants.
Trainer will help the participants with technical queries to complete the assignments.


To test your knowledge on Dell Boomi Training, you will be required to work on two industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases. This will also ensure hands-on expertise in Dell Boomi Training concepts.

Boomi Certification Paths and Courses

Boomi training is designed to help our users obtain and develop core competencies as part of our defined Certification Paths. We offer courses that lead directly to Boomi Certifications as well as individual courses which introduce users to the breadth of the Boomi Unified Platform. A catalog with details for all courses can be downloaded in PDF format from the link on the right.

Boomi Essentials

Boomi Essentials is the starting point for all users and leads to our Certification Paths and individual courses. Boomi Essentials provides foundational knowledge of key concepts and functionality and familiarity with the Boomi Platform UI.

Integration Developer Certification Path

Associate Developer Certification (Associate Integration Developer)
Professional Developer Certification (Professional Integration Developer)

Architect Certification Path

Professional Architect Certification (Architect 1, Architect 2, Architect 3)

Administrator Certification Path

Production Administrator Certification (Administrator 1)
Professional Operations Administrator for Windows Certification (Administrator 1, Administrator 2 for Windows)
Professional Operations Administrator for Linux Certification (Administrator 1, Administrator 2 for Linux)

APIM Certification Path

Professional API Design Certification (Professional API Design)
Professional API Management Certification (Professional API Management)

Boomi Flow Certification Path

Associate Boomi Flow Certification (Boomi Flow Essentials)
Professional Flow Certification (Professional Flow Developer)

EDI Certification Path

Associate EDI X12 Certification (Associate EDI for X12)

Master Data Hub Certification Path

Associate Master Data Hub Certification (Associate Master Data Hub)
Boomi Data Catalog & Preparation

Intro to Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation – An introduction to Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation’s market as well as its offerings, Catalog & Discovery and Data Prep.

Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation Administrator – An overview of the tasks associated with a Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation application administrator.

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