Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) Certification

Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) Certification Exam

The new certification standard for inpatient medical coding, Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC), is the only proof of eligibility dedicated exclusively to coding hospitals / inpatient facilities. CIC validates expert knowledge and experience in medical record information summary for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding and identifies special payment knowledge in groups related to Medicare severity diagnosis (MS-DRG) and from the perspective of the Inpatient Payment System (IPPS). Invest in your future with the CIC ™ certificate – certified coders earn 40% more than coders without proof of authorization.

CICs have shown:


CIC exam

The CIC exam thoroughly covers


Medical terminology, anatomy and pathophysiology


Coding for inpatients


Inpatient payment methods


Outpatient payment method


Regulatory requirements and payer requirements


Coding case


Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC) Certification EXAM details to learn

Approved manuals for use during the exam

Current year ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS.

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COC exams

Online medical terminology | Online Anatomy Course

Since the COC exam tests candidates’ knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology, it is strongly recommended that individuals have prior knowledge of these areas or take the online courses in medical terminology and anatomy from the ‘AAPC.

Physiopathology course 

An in-depth knowledge of the disease process helps those responsible for managing the revenue cycle stay ahead of the curve when it comes to medical decisions and quality metrics. This course should be considered by those who wish to learn medical coding / billing / etc. or for experienced programmers who want to deepen their knowledge in this area.

COC Prep Course 

Offered online or in the classroom, this course is designed to prepare the student for the AAPC COC exam for a career as a medical coder in an outpatient setting such as an outpatient surgery center or outpatient billing and coding service. of a hospital. The course provides basic coding skills and the correct use of CPT® Procedure and Care Codes, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes, which are used for coding and billing services. outpatient care to insurance companies.

COC  Study Guide

Using an easy-to-understand outline format, the COC ™ Study Guide provides a comprehensive review of coding concepts that includes all sections of exam content for the easiest and most effective review. In each chapter of the study guide, coding principles relevant to outpatient / outpatient facilities will be followed by coding scenarios for that chapter.

COC Online Practice Exams

The AAPC 50-question online practice exams are the perfect simulation of the actual exam. Because they mimic the content and difficulty of the actual exam, they are a realistic indicator of your COC exam preparation. There are three practice exams available that match the 150 question length of the exam itself.
S.No       Choose Your SpecialtyChoose Your Certifications
1Anesthesia and Pain Management – CANPCCPC (Certified Professional Coder)
2Cardiology (CCC)COC (Certified Outpatient Coder)
3Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery  (CCVTC)CIC (Certified Inpatient Coder
4Emergency Department  (CEDC)CRC (Certified Risk Adjustment Coder)
5Family Practice  (CFPC)CPB (Certified Professional Biller)
6General Surgery  (CGSC)CPMA (Certified Professional Medical Auditor)
7Hematology and Oncology  (CHONC)CDEO (Certified Documentation Expert – Outpatient)
8Obstetrics and Gynecology  (COBGC)CPPM (Certified Physician Practice Manager)
9Ophthalmology  (COPC)CPCO (Certified Professional Compliance Officer)
10Orthopedic Surgery (COSC)Medical Coding


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