Service Now Training Course:

Introduction to ServiceNow

Introduction to service now instances & Process
SNC Navigations
SNC Applications and Modules
Forms, Lists and Tables

  1. Basic Forms and List Modifications and Administration

Personalizing Forms
Creating new sections in forms
Personalizing Lists and List controls
Introduction to Different types of Fields
Dependent choice field creation

  1. Configuring Users and Groups and Administration

Roles tagging to users and groups

  1. Tables and Columns Administration

Introduction, schema map, creating tables adding fields etc.
Auditing tables and fields
Recovering deleted data

  1. Applications and Modules Administration

Creating and modifying applications and modules and other related activities
Limiting access of Applications and modules to specific set of roles

  1. Introduction on Different Modules

Incident Management
Problem Management
Change Management and it’s workflows
Service Level Management

  1. Change Management

Different types of change requests and their significance
Change Types and Respective workflows
Risk Assessment Plugin activation
Risk Questionnaires configuration and defining thresholds and conditions

  1. Service Level Management

SLA definitions and triggering conditions
SLA schedules
Retroactive start usage in SLA
SLA workflow and Notifications on breach

  1. Service Catalog

Introduction to Items and Categories
Introduction to Variables and Variable Sets.
Creating workflows
Associating workflows to Items

  1. Email Notifications and Events

Email notification creation(when to trigger, whom to trigger, What content to send)
Templates utilization in email notification
Events creation
Email notification through events
Email notification in workflow via notification and events
Send to event creator usage
Debugging mail sending issues

  1. Import sets and Transform Maps

Data load through excel
Transform Mapping(Auto and Manual mapping)
Scheduled Imports

  1. CMDB and Discovery

CMDB purpose in incident & problem & change request
Data load using import sets into CMDB
Different ways how data come into CMDB(importsets,discovery,3rd party CMDB integration)
Discovery purpose
Help the helpdesk in ServiceNow
How to enable Discovery in Snow

  1. Scripting

Client Side scripting
Client Scripts (Intro, How to write and use)
UI Policy (Intro, How to write and use)
UI Scripts
UI Page
UI Macros
Server Side scripting
UI Actions (Intro, How to write and use)
Business Rules and Global Business Rules (Intro, How to write and use)
Script Include
Background Scripts

  1. Update Sets

Introduction to update set
Creating an update set
Using an update set
Creating update source
Retrieving update sets
Moving changes between instances
Advantages and best practices

  1. Reports, Gauges and Homepage

Creating Quick reports from lists
Creating Reports, Gauges and Homepages
Various types of reports and usage
Scheduling reports

  1. Integration with ServiceNow

LDAP Integration
SSO Integration
Discovery Integration
MID service Integration
SAP Integration with ServiceNow
ServiceWatch integration with ServiceNow

  1. Service Portal

New Portal

What is ServiceNow used for?

ServiceNow is a ticketing tool that processes and catalogs customer service requests. You can raise requests that deal with incidents, changes, problems, and other services using tools like ServiceNow. ServiceNow had its roots set in ITSM since 2012.

What is a ServiceNow platform?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that enables enterprise organizations to improve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating routine work tasks.

Why is ServiceNow so popular?

The popularity which servicenow gained and is gaining because of its potential of solving IT problems and management. … ITOM includes discovery, service mapping, cloud management, event management, project portfolio etc. IT asset management, software management, SaaS license management, HR service managemet etc.

Is ServiceNow easy to learn?

Service now is a very intresting technology to learn. It is easy yet we need to learn it properly in order to master in it. … What’s the present demand of “servicenow” (a cloud based ITSM tool)?

What companies use ServiceNow?

The companies using ServiceNow are most often found in United States and in the Computer Software industry.

Who are ServiceNow competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to ServiceNow
This Vendor. ServiceNow. Would Recommend. …
BMC. 18% considered. Would Recommend. …
14% considered. Would Recommend. 100% Yes.
14% considered. Would Recommend. 100% Yes.
Atlassian. 12% considered. Would Recommend. …
SysAid. 10% considered. Would Recommend. …
SAP. 8% considered. …
SolarWinds. 7% considered.


ServiceNow is a cloud-based company that provides software as a service (SaaS) for technical management support. The company specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM), allowing users to manage projects, teams and customer interactions via a variety of apps and plugins.

ServiceNow can integrate with other tools easily. For example, users can perform VMware AirWatch tasks from within the interface. ServiceNow also provides an app store of tool offerings from third parties.

Products and features

ServiceNow products offer a service model based on what can help users identify the root cause of the issues they encounter, as well as helps them to correct issues with self-service. The service model appears as tasks, activities and processes from ServiceNow products, separated by cloud services. Altogether, they are overseen as part of a comprehensive managed workflow that supports features such as real-time communication, collaboration and resource sharing. ServiceNow has service management
software for the following industries:

Financial services
Cloud services
The cloud services offered by ServiceNow include a suite of products that allow users and companies to operate using serverless computing. The cloud offerings include five common business categories: Security, Customer Service, IT, HR and Business Apps.

ServiceNow product examples
Nonstop Cloud

This product is a tool used to store and organize data for users without ever taking their data offline. It uses a multi-instance model, allowing users to customize the way they use the product so that they can access the type of information they need. Nonstop Cloud can also be used to perform upgrades and other changes at specific scheduled times.

Now Platform

This is a dashboard for ServiceNow’s various products, including Nonstop Cloud, tools for anomaly detection, predictive modeling, peer benchmarking and performance forecasting. Now Platform can also be used for functionalities such as:

service portals;
subscriptions and notifications;
knowledge bases;
service catalogs;
developer tools;
reports and dashboards;
single databases;
contextual collaboration; and
orchestration functionality.
Users can also build their own applications to use within the dashboard. Within this tool, management teams can assign or break up workloads among various users. In addition, Now Platform includes edge encryption, an intelligent automation engine and a service creator, among other web service offerings.


ServiceNow’s products can be used to support most workflows because of the wide range of tools the organization offers. Some common ways the products are used include ticketing systems to manage large-scale projects via on-suite ticketing tools, benchmarking to track progress and predictive modeling to manage workflows. IT professionals operating a service desk/help desk can use ServiceNow products to organize their help cases, problem management and instance management. ServiceNow is able to assist with machine learning and artificial intelligence processes. It is also able to work with many legacy systems for smooth integration.

Business model

The ServiceNow business model is based on providing products using SaaS cloud computing software. It involves setting up systems to define, manage, automate and structure services for companies. ServiceNow users can find the software useful within security, operations, customer service, HR and other industries. The ServiceNow product suite also offers software for physical and cloud-based IT needs and can be used to manage service-level projects and production instances within a department.


ServiceNow was founded in 2004 by Fred Luddy at the company headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif. He created a workflow system largely based on forms in the cloud. In 2005, with a very small number of customers, ServiceNow created its first limited-service catalog. In 2006, the company expanded internationally and created its first cloud-based orchestration platform. In 2016, the company received FedRAMP certification through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, meaning that it meets security expectations for products set up within the cloud.

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